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Battle modes

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Deathmatch [DM] Lobby button dm.png

DM preview.jpg

Main Article: Deathmatch (Dm mode.png)
In Deathmatch mode, unlike in team battle modes, everything depends on you. The battle fund grows a lot faster than in CTFs and TDMs, as you don’t need to go to a certain position to find enemies; they are everywhere. On most maps, you can open fire right from your spawn point. Deathmatch is the simplest and most reliable battle mode when it comes to earning crystals. The battle can be limited by either time or number of kills (frags).

Team Deathmatch [TDM] Lobby button tdm.png

TDM preview2.png

Main Article: Team Deathmatch (Tdm mode.png)
In TDM, Battle mechanics are very similar to Deathmatch mode. The only difference is that here, players work in teams. The goal is to destroy more tanks than the opposing team. Every team member is responsible for the result, as the battle’s final score depends on how well and how carefully they play. A team gets 1 point for every destroyed tank, whilst individual players get 10 EXP points for every enemy they destroy alone, or 15 points shared between two or more players, who assisted in the kill. In the case of self-destruction, the opposing team doesn’t get any points, which is also an important factor in this game mode.

Capture the Flag [CTF] Lobby button ctf.png

CTF preview1.jpg

Main Article: Capture the Flag (Ctf mode.png)
Players are divided into two teams. The goal is to take and capture the enemy’s flag, and to prevent the opposing team from capturing yours. If you take the flag and then get killed, you lose it and the flag is dropped where you were killed. However, your teammates can retake it and continue. If the flag is touched by an enemy’s tank, it automatically returns to the flag holder (generally in the enemies base). The same applies to your team’s flag. To capture the flag, you need to pick up the enemy’s flag and bring it to your flag. For the capture to be successful, your flag needs to be at your base. Victory goes to the team who has captured the most flags by the end of the game, or who reaches the target amount of captures specified in the battle settings.

Control Points [CP] Lobby button cp.png

CP preview2.jpg

Main Article: Control Points (Cp mode.png)
Teams fight for control over certain points on the map. A team gets score-points when the point is under their control and lose score-points when the point is under enemy's control. The more points captured, the more score-points the team gets and the less score-points the team loses. The winner is the team with the most score-points. Team spawn points are close to their bases. The only exception is the Madness map, where there are additional spawn points in certain areas.

Assault [ASL] Lobby button asl.png

ASL preview.png

Main Article: Assault (ASL mode.png)
Assault mode is unlike any other mode in the game - it combines the strategic element of capturing flags with the defending setups of control points. Players are divided into two teams, one which takes a flag from its base and tries to capture it by driving over or hit the specific "capture points" in the map. Every flag captured guarantees seven points for the attacking team. The objective of the defending team is to prevent the attackers from successfully delivering the flag. The defending team receives experience points for destroying enemy tanks (similar to TDM). Successfully capturing a flag requires a lot of teamwork, skill and timing.

Rugby [RGB] Lobby button rgb.png

In Rugby battles, each map has two bases — Red and Blue — and several drop zones for the ball. The ball will be dropped in one of these zones, chosen randomly, and it will have a parachute, similar to supply drops. The objective is to take the dropping ball, team up with a number of your teammates, break into the enemy's line of defense and capture the ball. If the person carrying the ball gets killed, the ball will drop onto the ground and can then be picked up by another player, of either team, but this must be done before a time period after which the ball will randomly drop on the specified zones in the map. However, if it arrived on a parachute to a drop zone and nobody has picked it up yet, it will remain in place indefinitely. If it was dropped by a player or from a pass, after a time it will disappear.

The coolest feature of the mode is the ability to pass the ball to another player. If you press the F key (or the key you bind to dropping the flag), the ball will shoot in the direction your turret is currently facing, and it will bounce from any obstacles. This way, you can pass the ball over a low obstacle or an enemy tank.

If you see an enemy running away with the ball, you absolutely should destroy them, as you will be able to pick up the ball and begin your own attack.

Remember that you can't score a goal by passing the ball through the capture point at the enemy base. You need to deliver the ball as a tank, like flag in CTF.