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Battle modes

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Deathmatch [DM]

DM preview.jpg

In Deathmatch mode, unlike in team battle modes, everything depends on you. The battle fund grows a lot faster than in CTFs and TDMs, as you don’t need to go to a certain position to find enemies; they are everywhere. On most maps, you can open fire right from your spawn point. Deathmatch is the simplest and most reliable battle mode when it comes to earning crystals. The battle can be limited by either time or number of kills (frags). Each frag gives exactly 10 points.

Deathmatch is the only battle mode where you are allowed to form alliances with opponent players. In other game modes "teaming" with players from the other team can result in a ban from the game.

Team Deathmatch [TDM]

TDM preview2.png

In TDM, Battle mechanics are very similar to Deathmatch mode. The only difference is that here, players work in teams. The goal is to destroy more tanks than the opposing team. TDM games are limited by either number of kills or time. Every team member is responsible for the result, as the battle’s final score depends on how well and how carefully they play. A team gets 1 point for every destroyed tank, whilst individual players get 10 XP points for every enemy they destroy alone, or 15 points shared between two or more players, who assisted in the kill. In the case of self-destruction, the opposing team doesn’t get any points, which is also an important factor in this game mode.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is keeping your D/L ratio above 1. If every player in a team destroys more tanks than the number of times he gets killed, then victory is guaranteed.

Also, unlike in Deathmatch mode, players’ spawn points are located at their bases. To start fighting, you need to go to the centre of a map, or even to the opposing team’s base. As a result, the amount of frags is a lot lower than that in a classical DM.

Usually, the most effective players in TDMs are campers, using long-range guns such as Railgun and Shaft.

Capture the Flag [CTF]

CTF preview1.jpg

Players are divided into two teams. The goal is to take and capture the enemy’s flag, and to prevent the opposing team from capturing yours. If you take the flag and then get killed, you lose it and the flag is dropped where you were killed. However, your teammates can retake it and continue. If the flag is touched by an enemy’s tank, it automatically returns to the flag holder (generally in the enemies base). The same applies to your team’s flag. To capture the flag, you need to pick up the enemy’s flag and bring it to your flag. For the capture to be successful, your flag needs to be at your base. Victory goes to the team who has captured the most flags by the end of the game, or who reaches the target amount of captures specified in the battle settings. The amount of crystals you get at the end of the battle is based your score. You can get points for capturing (or assisting in the capture of) a flag, destroying or damaging enemies and healing teammates (only possible with Isida). Every time you capture a flag, you get roughly 10 points for everyone on the opposite team, for example if the enemy team has 6 players, you will get around 60 points

A CTF battle is limited by time, or by a set number of captured flags. It is the most popular mode in Tanki Online.

This mode is not as profitable as Deathmatch mode when it comes to earning crystals (here, a lot depends on teamwork), but due to the bonus XP on offer for capturing and returning flags, the battle fund grows as fast as that in DM battles.

The recipe for success in CTF battles is simple. Instead of simply destroying enemy tanks, pay more attention to flags. Thus, by capturing and returning flags, and by destroying those who try to take yours, you will not only be extremely useful for your team, but will also score a lot more points than by just destroying enemy machines.

Control Points [CP]

CP preview2.jpg

Teams fight for control over certain points on the map. A team gets score-points when the point is under their control and loses score-points when the point is under enemy's control. The more points captured, the more score-points the team gets and the less score-points the team loses. The winner is the team with the most score-points. Team spawn points are close to their bases. The only exception is the Madness map, where there are additional spawn points in certain areas.

In order to successfully capture an enemy point, it is necessary to create at least a small numerical advantage over the opposing team at that point.

When the battle starts, you need to capture as many neutral points as possible. On large maps with 5-7 points, it’s enough to send one player to capture the closest points. At the same time, other players should start capturing the next point in pairs.

The successful capture of a third neutral point on a 5-point map gives the team a significant advantage, both strategically and psychologically. Usually, there is an odd number of points in a map, so in order to win, it’s enough to capture one point more than the other team.

Then, together with your team-mates, you should try to drive the enemy out of the remaining points, and to lock them inside their own base.

It should be noted that in the CP mode, each member of a team plays a very important role. Usually, a team with fewer players, or with players who are unable to work together, rapidly begins to lose.

Assault [ASL]

ASL preview.png

Assault mode is unlike any other mode in the game - it combines the strategic element of capturing flags with the defending setups of control points. Players are divided into two teams, one which takes a flag from its base and tries to capture it by driving over or hit the specific "capture points" in the map. Every flag captured guarantees seven points for the attacking team. For the defending team, a value of one point per ten seconds is fixed, which isn't variable and doesn't depend on anything.

Successfully capturing a flag requires a lot of teamwork, skill and timing. Players should try to attack together, use their Overdrives and try to go in the perfect moment - like when a heavy defender dies or the whole defending team is low in health.

Defenders should try to fortify their base by laying mines, staying together and using heavy hulls to block off access to the capture point.

The overall objective of this mode makes it very strategy-based and requires a lot of effort to win, something that can't just come from supplies and personal skills. Work together, take care of your teammates and capture your way to victory!