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Assistants of administration

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Chat Moderators

Chat mod.png

These guys are the all-seeing eye of the Administration. They are always on the front line, right in the game helping out newbies and experienced players alike. They can be seen sharing their information and wise advice, as well as watching over the servers for flooders, garbage mouths and other offenders to keep them from spoiling the mood of decent players. When you stumble upon a violator and there is no Chat Mod around, you can use the «/ignore nickname» chat command to block the player's messages from your feed.
For more information on the actions of Chat moderators, see here.

Forum Moderators

Forum mod.png

Forum moderators watch over the forum day and night. They clean up off-topic messages, stop forum trolls, remove irrelevant information and keep the forum focused on important things. So if someone suddenly decides to make a mess in the forum because «you can do anything on the internet», just call a forum moderator. He or she will explain that there are rules to be followed both in real life and in the forum, and then will take appropriate action.
For more information on the role of Forum moderators, see here.

Battles' Moderators


Battles' Moderators are specially trained moderators whom you won't find playing on the battlefield. They are Tanki Online special force, hidden from the public eye, fighting against sabotage and other violations that may happen in our beloved game. They deal with players who have gone too far trying to spoil the fun of honest players by cheating, sabotage or inactivity.
For more information on the actions of Battles' Moderators, see here.

Newspaper Reporters


Reporters publish secrets on the pages of the Tanki Newspaper. They conduct investigations and share the latest news. If something interesting, unusual, or important happens, you will always know about it from these guys. And if you've found something worth mentioning, tell a reporter about it as soon as possible!
For more information on the actions of Reporters, see here.

eSports Helpers


If you love watching fearsome battles on live streams, and want to catch the latest eSports news, these guys are the ones you need to follow.
For more information on the actions of eSports Helpers, see here.

Facebook Moderators


Facebook moderators are responsible for everything related to the official Tanki Online FB page. They answer questions, both in comments and in the page's PM. They are also responsible for banning violators and helping community managers connect with tankers on the FB page.
For more information on the actions of Facebook moderators, see here.

Wiki Editors


Wiki Editors are responsible for keeping the Wiki up to date with everything there is to know about the project. This includes writing and updating technical articles, making strategy guides, and allocating general information about the eSports community, and the game's history. If there is any information that you feel should be included in the Wiki, these are the people you should get in contact with.
For more information on the actions of Wiki Editors, see here.

Help Site Consultants


Help Site Consultants are responsible of the Help Site - the hub of information in Tanki Online. A place where players can find answers to questions via the Knowledge Base, or if necessary, ask their own. Help Site Consultants are incredibly knowledgeable players who've brought their expertise to the table. They maintain the site, ensuring that good topics are being posted and players' questions are answered.
For more information on the actions of Help Site Consultants, see here.

Events Helpers

EventsOrganizersAvatar New.png

Event Organizers are the players, that are specialized in organizing official Tanki Online Events. If you ever have a question regarding Events, those are the players you need to speak to. Events can not be done with just the Event Organizers, they also need assistance from the lovely Event Helpers. They are they people who work hard on the battlefields to make the event fun and enjoyable for you guys.
For more information on the actions of Event Helpers, see here.

Contests Organizers

EventsAdministratorsAvatar Old.png

Contest Organizers are the workforce, the creative mind, and caretakers of the Community Events Contest Section. They are responsible for the preparation and organization of new contests, to plan ahead to keep the players busy with new challenges.
For more information on the actions of Contests Organizers, see here.