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In the midst of battle, your armor and protective modules are the only things keeping you alive. But every once in a while, you see the dreaded purple indicator telling you that they won't be keeping you alive much longer. You've been Armor-Pierced.AP Status.png If you want to learn more about this effect, you've come to the right place.

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AP is a Status Effect applied by certain specialized pieces of equipment. When a tank is Armor-Pierced, three things happen:

  • All supplies stay active, but boosted armorDA symbol.png and extra armor Icon DA.png no longer reduce incoming damage
  • Protection Modules no longer reduce incoming damage.
  • Titan's Overdrive no longer reduces incoming damage

Some important things to note:

  • Tanks that do not receive the effect will still be protected under Titan's dome
  • Armor-Pierced tanks will have this symbol above them: AP Status.png If you were the one that was armor-pierced or did the armor-piercing, you will also see the text Armor is Destroyed briefly appear above the affected tanks.


JGR Icon.png
The Juggernaut is immune to all negative status effects.
Icon overdrive at field.png
Mammoth's Overdrive removes all negative status effects and makes the tank immune to them.
Icon Immunity.png
Immediately after spawning, all tanks are immune to negative status effects.

Armor-Piercing also does not affect tanks wearing the AP Immunity hull augment, which can be purchased for 4990MiniTankoin.png (or less, during a sale), or obtained from a Container or Ultra Container, with Epic rarity level.

Name Description Effects
AP Immunity
AP Immunity.png
4 990 MiniTankoin.png
This augment completely saves you from armor-piercing status effect. Any tank with this augment won't lose its armor received from modules, supplies, and other sources after the armor-piercing status effect is applied. AP effect resistance: 100% Plus.png

If you attempt Armor-Pierce an immune enemy, you will see the word Immunity briefly appear above their tank.

What can Destroy a Tank's Armor?

Left Hornet's Overdrive
Players with this overdrive active are not to be trifled with, capable of finding and dispatching enemies with ease.

  • In addition to revealing the locations and health bars to all teammates, Hornet's Overdrive applies a 10-second AP effect to all visible tanks within 50 meters.

Left Crusader's Overdrive
A powerful icicle capable of thinning out dangerous groups at range.

  • In addition to damaging and Freezing a group of tanks, Crusader's Icicle applies the AP effect to enemies within 10 meters of the explosion for 3 seconds.

Additionally, there are currently 9 turret augments that can inflict AP, which can be obtained in Ultra Containers at the Legendary Rarity.

Name Description Effects
Toxic Mix

Alteration freeze Toxic Mix.png
Swaps the cooling agent with toxic mixture. Damage is decreased, but an opponent affected by the mix cannot use armor for some time. AP duration: 1s Plus.png
Regular Damage: -45% Minus.png
Freezing Rate: -50% Minus.png
Armor-Piercing Shot

Alteration hammer Armor-Piercing Shot.png
A perfect farewell gift. The last shot in the clip destroys the armor of any tank which was hit. AP duration after last shot: 7s Plus.png
Super-smart Minus Field

Alteration Ricochet Super-smart Minus-Field.png
It is not certain how this super-smart minus-field is smarter with this augment, but after ricocheting, rounds pierce the enemy's armor, leaving no chance of survival. AP duration after ricochet shot: 2s Plus.png
Armor-Piercing Rounds

Alteration Smoky Armor-Piercing Rounds.png
Replaces common rounds with armor-piercing ones. Critical damage is decreased, but an opponent becomes armorless against the next shots. AP duration: 3s Plus.png
Critical damage: -25% Minus.png
Armor-Piercing Missiles

Alteration Striker Armor-Piercing Missiles.png
The perfect augment for bounty hunters who want to destroy one very powerful target. Only one fast-targeting armor piercing rocket per launch. Any tank hit by this rocket will not be able to use armor for some time. AP duration: 5s Plus.png
Aiming time: -50% Plus.png
Rockets in salvo: -3 Minus.png Icon info.png
Super Armor-Piercing Rounds

Alteration Railgun Super Armor-Piercing Rounds.png
It is not enough to just pierce an enemy tank's armor — the enemy should remember this forever. Special rounds destroy armor for some time, long enough for one more fatal shot. Piercing the armor of multiple tanks in a row applies the AP effect to all of them. AP duration: 7s Plus.png
Damage: +40% Plus.png
Critical Damage: -20% Minus.png
Consecutive critical chance: =0% Minus.pngIcon info.png
Armor-Piercing Core

Alteration Magnum Armor-Piercing Core.png
Fougasse projectiles have an ultra-dense armor-piercing core. A direct hit destroys the target's armor. Doesn't affect other targets in splash damage radius. AP duration on direct hit: 7s Plus.png
Armor-Piercing Salvo

Alteration Gauss Armor-Piercing Salvo.png
The special projectile's polarization destroys the target's armor. AP duration: 5s Plus.png
AP Radius: 10m Plus.png
Reload after salvo -50% Plus.png
Salvo damage -25% Minus.png
Armor-Piercing Sight

Alteration Shaft Armor-Piercing Sight.png
Special sight which lets you destroy a target's armor with any sniper mode shot. Makes the next shot at the target very sensitive or maybe even fatal. AP duration after sniper shot: 5s Plus.png