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Community Managers

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A community manager is someone who builds and grows a bridge between the players and developers. They are empowered with greater authority above all admins within the assistants of the administration. If you have any questions, inquiries, or complaints about how things are managed within the community, you should send it to the CM.

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They are in charge of developing the game, their tasks are to plan, design, fix, change, and produce future updates focusing on improving the game project.

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Technical Support

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Also known as They deal with account thefts, blocks and unblocks, mistakes in payments, items that disappeared from Garage. Technical support takes part in the moderation of the project.

For more information on the Technical Support, see here.

Head Administrators


Are technically the assistants of the community manager and assist the CM. They are involved in running the community. They help the management with various tasks, be it scheduling announcements, checks, taking care of community helper teams, and EN Community in general. If you have any problems with one of the administrators or would like to suggest something when it comes to how EN Community works, you should reach out to the Head Administration or Community Manager.

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They perform the same functions as the helpers in their own specific groups. However, they are empowered with greater authority and they manage and oversee the helpers in that group. If you want to file a complaint about a helpers' work in that group, you should send it to the Administrator via PM.

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