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Which browser to choose

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General provisions

As Tanki Online is a browser game, choosing the right browser and setting it up correctly is essential for the best gaming experience. You may be playing the game perfectly comfortable in your browser, but everything may change after an update or installing some kind of plug-in.

To play Tanki Online comfortably, especially on lower-spec PCs, it's advisable to use a separate browser for the game. The advantages of this solution are:

  • Separate cache which won't be replaced by information from other web sites. This will make the game load faster.
  • Performance. Browser used specifically for playing Tanki Online doesn't need various plug-ins. Also, you won't need to open different windows which makes the system work slower.
  • Ability to do fine-tuning of your browser. To solve a problem sometimes you need to switch off things like hardware acceleration or sandbox.

The minimum number of caches is 500 megabytes (Google Chrome adjusts the size of cache automatically.



A very popular browser and one of the most problematic ones. It is due to a special system of resource caching as well as several other aspects of the browser's functioning.

Known issues and solutions:

  • Underload of resources. Appears in the game in the form of wrong textures of tanks, incorrectly displayed special effects, etc. Can be solved by cleaning the browser cache.
  • Lost connection. Often certain elements of the user interface such as XP bar and amount of crystals, various elements of Lobby (chat, battle list, etc.) aren't displayed.
  • Often guns don't deal any damage, players can't catch drop boxes. In some cases changing browser solves this problem.

Overall, it's not recommended to use Opera for playing Tanki Online.

Google Chrome


A stable browser that proved itself well for playing Tanki Online up to the moment of switching to PPAPI (Pepper API) version of built-in Flash Player. Chrome uses a built-in Flash plug-in that is updated automatically (the default one is PPAPI). The maximum cache size is flexible and is changed by the browser when it is necessary. Google Chrome is based on Chromium browser. Chromium also served as a basis for several other browsers, for example Comodo Dragon. Therefore, problems that are typical of Google Chrome can also occur in these browsers.

Known issues and solutions:

  • White stripe in the game. Blinking Screen. Switch off WebRep plug-in, installed by Avast' antivirus to solve this issue.
  • FPS doesn't go above 20-30. If not caused by low performance of a PC, this issue can be solved by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, Esc after you join the battle.
  • Problems with tank controls (slow response, etc.). Happens due to PPAPI version of Flash Player.

Currently it's better to disable the PPAPI plug-in

Hardware acceleration in Linux

Despite the problems, PPAPI FP made it possible to use hardware acceleration in Linux, including older GPUs (before 2008).

How to switch it on:

  • Go to chrome://plugins page, switch on the PPAPI version of flash player (if it was switched off).
  • Go to chrome://flags page, switch on the 5th option ("Override software rendering list").
  • Restart Chrome, go to chrome://gpu/ page, and find "Flash Stage3D: Hardware accelerated" — the acceleration is already working.
  • If you don't like the results you can always switch off PPAPI version of Flashplayer.

Mozilla Firefox


A well-proven browser. Firefox uses system plugn of Flash Player by launching it in a separate process plugin-container. Starting from version 11.3 Flash Player is launched in Protected Mode, the so called sandbox. This is done to get extra stability and for security reasons, but sometimes causes certain problems.

Known issues and solutions:

Standalone Flashplayer

Icon flash.jpg

Launched as a separate application and doesn't depend on any other browser, excluding Internet Explorer as Flash Player uses the browser's cache. Because of that it is advised to make IE cache at least 500 megabytes. Not having to run through the unnecessary side applications of web browsers, the game typically runs more smoothly using the Flash player on most players' computers.
Currently there are no problems with using Standalone Flash Player for playing Tanki Online.