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Rules for clans

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Clan creation rules

If you're interested in creating a new clan this is the guide for you.
First of all you should read the rest of this page.
Then you have to find a few players who want to join your clan. If you do not have enough players to create a clan you should look at the topic How to join a Clan? (where players can freely post their applications), or recruit them in the chats (without flooding). Creating a topic in the forum for this operation is forbidden.
Once you gathered a decent group of players (at least 10 preferably), you have to create the clan topic in the right section: Third League (for high ranked, M3 players) or Fourth League (all the others).
The topic title contains the name of the clan. The first post contains the clan design, with a list of the members, the requirements to join the clan, contacts, and so on. Stealing this kind of content from other clans is strictly forbidden. All clan members are recommended to post a message clearly stating their membership in the clan. A member is not considered one until he posts his confirmation message.
Clan leader should have a rank equal or greater than Major, and clan members equal or greater than Third Lieutenant. If you, or your players, don't meet those rank requirements, you can have a topic in the section, but you may be denied to participate to tournaments.

General Provisions

1.1 The rules of cybersports (hereinafter referred to as - the Rules) regulate organization of cybersports (hereinafter referred to as - CS) in the videogame Tanki Online, and cover all Leagues and cybersport activities carried out by the administration. These Rules don't abolish the validity of all Rules of Tanki Online videogame including forum and chat, and are mandatory for all participants of CS.

1.2 The cybersports management is represented by the staff of the Tanki Online videogame, as well as assistants involved by them (hereinafter refereed to as the Administration).

1.3 CS Administration develops the Rules, Regulations of Leagues, other necessary documents and reserves the right to make modifications in them without directly noticing players.

1.4 Points at issue not covered by these Rules are regulated by the Administration at its discretion.

1.5 All CS participants shall know and observe the Rules and check for any changes in them on their own. When entering CS community (including but not limited to clans, single tournaments, etc), the player thereby approves that they are familiarized with CS Rules and is obliged to observe them.

Terms and Definitions

CS - cybersports in the Tanki Online videogame (includes different official tournaments and cybersport community as a whole).

CS Administration (the Administration) - game staff responsible for CS, and their assistants. Regulations of League - the document giving a detailed description about functioning of Leagues. The Administration develops and issues Regulations for each League. The Regulations of Leagues describe tournament rules, creating clans, increasing and decreasing in the class and other nuances of the game.

Increasing in class - transfer of a clan into a stronger League.

Decreasing in class - transfer of a clan into a weaker League.


3.1 Top League

- Consists of the 8 strongest clans of the joint English and German communities.
- It's impossible to create clans in the Top League. The place in this League can only be obtained by winning the competitions of minor Leagues.
- Clans of the Top League acquire the right to play in the most prestigious tournament of the game - the Clan Championship where the best clans of all communities can play.

3.2 The Second League

- Consists of 16 clans.
- Is composed of clans with only M3 armament.
- It's impossible to create clans in this League: The best clans of the Third League and the worst of the Top League can enter the League.

3.3 The Third League

- Designated for amateur clans.
- The clan players in this League shall have high ranks and play with M3 armament.
- Creating clans is free, but the requirements described in the League Regulations shall be observed.
- The number of clans in the League is infinite.

3.4 The Fourth League

- Designated for newbie clans consisting of players with middle ranks playing with M2 armaments.
- The number of clans is unlimited.
- Players with high ranks and M3 armament can take part in the game, but with some restrictions (see Regulations of the League).
- As ranks and the garage go up, clans of the Fourth League can enter the Third League.
- Creating of clans in the Fourth League is free, providing that the Regulations of League are followed.


4.1 Creating of clans is possible in the Third and the Fourth League. To select the League, see the requirements in the Regulations of 3rd and 4th Leagues.

4.2 It's forbidden for newly opened clans to take the names and the designs of other clans.

4.3 The Administration can transfer a clan into the other League, if it was incorrectly created (not in the League in which it should be created according to the Rules).

4.4 The clan will be transferred from the Fourth League into the Third League, when sufficient amount of players with high rank and/or M3 armament will enter the clan. The detailed requirements are described in the Regulations of 4th League. The transferring can be performed by the clan (the application shall be submitted to the moderator) and by the Administration.

4.5 The procedure of increasing and decreasing in class is described by the Regulations of Leagues.

4.6 The clan can be transferred to a minor League according to the decision of the Administration (disqualification).

4.7 The clan can be closed according to the decision of the Administration or by the request of the leader of the clan.

4.8 It's impossible to reopen the previously closed topic of the clan.


5.1 The clan leader has the right to add or exclude players from the clan.

5.2 Applications for the season / prizes shall be submitted by the clan leader, the deputy head or the player representative (as the last resort).

5.3 Reception into a clan.

5.3.1 To join a clan the player submits an application to the clan leader. 5.3.2 The clan leaders can invite players at their own discretion, if they meet requirements of the Regulations of the League. 5.3.3 When the decision on reception is taken, the player leaves a message in the forum thread that he joined this clan. 5.3.4 The clan leader adds the nickname of the player into the list of clan members in the forum thread. 5.3.5 If required by the Regulations of the League, the clan leader introduces the player into the clan prior to submission of the application, to take part in the tournament.1

5.4 The application for the player can be submitted only in regard to one clan.

5.5 The procedure of leaving clan or changing clan.

5.5.1 To leave clan, a player leaves a message in forum thread that he left the clan. 5.5.2 Prior to submission of the application, the clan leader has no right to submit an application for participation of the player in the next tournament, if the player leaves the clan. 5.5.3 Player can be excluded from clan by the decision of the clan leader. In this case, the player's nickname is excluded from the clan participants list in the forum thread and from the clan's application prior to submission of the application. 5.5.4 Clan management should immediately remove the player from the clan's memberlist and, in the nearest transfer window, dismiss the player who has declared to leave the clan in public (or was publically kicked from the clan) .2 5.5.5 The excluded player can, prior to submission of the application, enter another clan.


1 The time prior to submission of the application is the transfer window or period designated to take part in the tournament. The Administration has the right to change terms of periods and open new periods out of turn. 2 If the player wasn't excluded from the clan in time regardless of the application submission, the Administration has the right to exclude him from the clan. A confirmation that they explicitly declared to leave will be necessary for this. A confirmation is a message in the forum thread left prior to the period of submission of the application that wasn't edited since the moment it was written.


6.1 Tournaments of the Top and the Second Leagues

6.1.1 There are 4 seasons in the Top and the Second Leagues: spring, summer, autumn and winter. 6.1.2 Twice a year the most prestigious cybersports competition takes place - the Clan Championship (CC). It consists of 8 clans of the Top League and 24 clans of the Russian community to one of which the title of Tanki Online Champion is granted.

6.2 Tournaments of the Third and the Fourth Leagues

6.2.1 Flash tournaments - weekly one-day tournaments with small prize fund.1 6.2.2 Regular Dream Team tournaments (the Third League) and Dream Team Junior tournaments (the Fourth League).

6.3 According to the decision of the Administration additional tournaments or demonstrative fights can be organized in the Leagues.

6.4 To take part in the tournament clans have to submit an application. Only players included in clans and indicated in the application can take part in the tournament.

6.5 Maximum number of players in the application is defined by the Regulations of the League.

6.6 The selected fights of the Top League are broadcast online. According to the decision of the Administration the broadcasting of other Leagues’ fights can be performed as well.2


1 The Flash Tournament is not mandatory in the Fourth League, as well as during major tournaments. 2 During the streaming of the fight, regardless of the league and the tournament, the Administration makes standard broadcasting demands on clans (fight schedule, players' behavior).


7.1. The clan is responsible for the actions of its players.

7.2. Penalties and sanctions are regulated by the Administration. The administration notices the clan leader about penalties and sanctions in the corresponding forum thread.

7.3. Imposed penalties and sanctions are not subject to appeal.

7.4. Revealing of closed information, public criticism of the Administration's decisions and intolerable behavior are aggravating circumstances.

7.5. The degree of punishment depends on circumstances of the violation. According to the decision of the Administration, the punishment can be decreased or increased.

7.6. In the case of a violation of CS rules which is only formal and doesn't affect the result, the decision can be taken on non-use sanctions in regard to this violation.

7.7. The procedure of lodging of complaint on the opponent’s violations.

7.7.1. Every player (clan) has the right to lodge a complaint about the violation of CS rules. 7.7.2. The period for lodging a complaint on violation of opponent is one game day plus 24 hours. If a complaint was not lodged before 00:00 of the next day, the Administration has the right to declare a inadmissible complaint. 7.7.3. To lodge a complaint, documented evidence shall be submitted (screenshots or video). Screenshots of battle chats have to be made with ENTER key pressed. 7.7.4. Screenshots made by the player not taking part in the fight are not considered as evidence for battle violations (including games at most). 7.7.5. A complaint can't be considered without documented evidence. 7.7.6. If during the investigation process it becomes clear that facts in the form of a complaint lodged are not consistent with the reality, the clan which lodged a complaint can be punished for slander.

7.8. Possible sanctions:

- warning (of the player, clan); - the second warning of the player during the tournament: skips the next game; - the second warning of the clan during the tournament: forfeit defeat of the clan in the next battle; - forfeit defeat in the next match, or forced skip of the next game directly; - complete or partial prize’s withdrawal; - disqualification from tournament; - disqualification from cybersports (for the player) / disqualification of the clan.

7.9. It is forbidden and punished by sanctions:

7.9.1. Warning (to the player, clan)1:

- intolerable actions in regard to the opponent and their flag prior to the battle, i.e.: shooting the opponent, killing the opponent, capturing the flag etc.; - public disputes between clans; - bad attitude to other players (unsporting behavior) in tournaments or open battles; - adding of the player into the clan without his consent, keeping the player in the clan list after his leaving declaration; - other minor violations.

7.9.2. Complete or partial deprivation of prize crystals and paints, disqualification in case of repeated actions:

- denial to observe requirements of the Administration in regard to observe rules, incorrect behavior and coverage of tournament; - bad attitude to other players (unsporting behavior) in tournaments or open battles; - intolerable behavior in public showdown: open battles, Skype, tournament battles, forum, etc.; - sabotage of the battle format2; - swearing and negative statements in respect to opponents and the Administration in voice chats, in case the battle is being broadcast.

7.9.3. Forfeit defeat (of the clan)3:

- violation in the number of players which affected the results of the battle; - violation of the battle format (use of forbidden armament during the game); - absence during the battle.

7.9.4. Excluding from tournament (of the player, clan):

- bad attitude, swearing, insults, trolling; - use of other players' accounts, use of non-announced or dismissed players; - presence of the player in more than one clan simultaneously, including mults, even if clans belong to different Leagues; - distribution of links to the tournament battle to third persons, apart from the Administration.

7.9.5. Deprivation of CS of the player, dismission of the clan:

- any action which can damage image of cybersports, players and clans, the Administration and the project as a whole; - forbidden clan name4; - nicknames almost identical to nicknames of other CS participants and the Administration members, as well as considered as parodying them; - bad attitude, swearing, insults, trolling (intolerable behavior); - use of other players' accounts, use of not-entered or dismissed players; - revealing of private information in public; - discussion on the Administration's activities in public; - any attempts of fixed matches, use of loophole in the CS Rules; - using third party programs to gain advantages during the battle; - deliberate deception of organizers, slander of opponents, attempts to falsify results; sabotage; - playing in different clans under different accounts and participation in tournaments with the help of them5; - multiple violations, repeating of violations.

7.10. Points at issue are at the Administration's discretion.

7.11. Other violations not covered by these Rules (including violations of tournaments/battles procedures described in the Regulations of Leagues) are considered by the Administration independently. As the result of consideration the punishment is administered at the Administration's discretion.


1,3 In case of major violation, but insufficient for the forfeit defeat, or if circumstances of violation are unclear, the battle can be replayed.

2 Sabotage of the battle format is entering the battle, in the name of which the restriction to armament is stated (guns, hulls, paints), using the forbidden armament, and participating in the battle for a long time ignoring warnings to quit the battle or change armament.

4 The following is forbidden: - clan names or nicknames considered provocative; - names of dismissed clans; - names of existing clans; - names of known clans from other projects (if a new clan is not related with them); - names parodying mentioned above or almost identical to them.

5 If you have two accounts in one clan registered as clan members, you can freely use either of them.