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Quick battles

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Tanki Online's birthday is considered to be June 4, 2009 - the date of the start of the open beta testing. The first player to have reached the highest rank (at the time it was Marshal) was the legendary T7000. In April 2010, a Chinese server was started. On 16 April 2014, Tanki Online was launched in Brazil. First Generalissimo in the Brazilian community was the player limadj2 — he reached 1 400 000 experience points on 2 September 2014, spending about four and a half months to get to the highest rank. As a reward for his speedy passage, limadj2 received a fully micro-upgraded Viking M3, Ricochet M3 and Zeus.

Quick battles are available for players of all Ranks.

How is the battle chosen?

  • it is a battle on the player's current server
  • it is not full
  • it is not a PRO Battle
  • it can be empty
  • it can be auto-created (server sometimes creates maps for beginners)
  • players' rank is between min and max ranks' limitations of the battle
  • battle type is enabled in the battles' filter

Those battles that satisfy the conditions below have higher priority for being selected:

  • battle is almost full
  • battle started recently

If there is no appropriate battle on the current server, then it will be auto-created.

Quick battle.jpg