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The forum is your place to meet with other tankers and discuss the game. The forum is all about the community - you can join a clan, enter contests or simply participate in avid debates about the best turrets, hulls and paints in the game.

Using the forum

Users of the forum are divided into 3 groups, depending on their rank. This allows players of a higher rank to have more permissions on the forum. The main reason for this is to help guide new players into the forum, as well as decrease the amount of flooding, phishing and other violations which are carried out by players who create alternate accounts solely for this reason.

  • Beginner (IconsNormal 03.pngGefreiter to IconsNormal 07.pngStaff Sergeant) - Can leave comments in the "News and Announcements" section, and can create topics and comment in the "Problems and Solutions" and "Violation Reports" sections.