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Format Battles

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A format battle is a battle that is played using specific weapons or according to a specific set of rules:

Hornet and Railgun (ХР)

Wasp and Railgun (ВР)

Hornet / Wasp and Railgun (ХР/ВР)

Dictator and Railgun (DR)

Hornet and Striker (HS)


  • Without "Smart Supplies"
  • Supplies do not have any cooldown periods. They are available for activation at any time.
  • Players do not receive points for destroying enemy tanks, capturing flags, or controlling control points.
  • Battle fund does not grow meaning Gold Boxes can't drop, unless manually dropped by users.
  • Daily Missions can't be completed
  • Self-destruction in non-playable areas (roofs and areas outside the map) is disabled
  • The micro-upgrades for weight are ignored. All hulls have the stock modification weight.
  • Mines can be deployed very quickly.